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The term acquired brain injury refers to any brain damage that
occurred after birth. There are many different causes of ABI’s and
symptoms can affect cognitive function, physical and emotional
health, independence and functioning. Acquired Brain Injuries,
ABI’s can occur due to accidents, stroke, degenerative
neurological disease. Irlen syndrome can be acquired due to an
ABI and the US Military have successfully prescribed Irlen spectral
filters to help rehabilitate ex-servicemen that have experienced
PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) and ABI’s (Acquired Brain
Charmaine is articulate with a very positive attitude it makes it
difficult to believe that she has suffered an acquired brain injury on
her 18 th birthday due to a very serious motor vehicle accident.
Charmaine has suffered severely and the accident left her with a
severed optic nerve in the left eye and shattered her ear drum
leaving her legally blind and deaf in the left ear with a small
amount of vision in her right eye and hearing in her right ear. Irlen
lenses have helped Charmaine tremendously with the
management of her acquired brain injury. Prior to receiving her
Irlen lenses Charmaine had a limited ability to gauge distance and
perception and would bump into things, her peripheral vision was
very compromised and now with Irlen spectral filters Charmaine
has noticed her spatial awareness has increased making it easier
for her to function and saves her from accidents, kicking her toes
and injuring herself.
Charmaine has a keen interest in technology yet light sensitivity,
made it difficult for Charmaine to read emails, read generally and
study due to the glare of the computer screen and an intolerance
to fluorescent lighting. Since wearing her Irlen precision lenses
especially prescribed and tailored to her unique needs by a
registered Irlen diagnostician Charmaine has noticed an
improved quality of life.

If you or a loved one are struggling with an ABI (Acquired Brain
Injury) or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Irlen Spectral
Filters may help. Book your Irlen Screening today. or P.0404 912 160